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For Children, Youth and Adults

Youth Art & Musical Instrument Training

Our children and youth are able to develop or foster their spiritual and natural creative abilities through the courses we offer in the arts: acting, drawing, painting, and instrument training: piano, strings, winds and guitar.  Our goal is to encourage our youngsters to use these skills to glorify GOD and to possibly use their skills for employment and college scholarships that could be realized in performing in college bands, orchestras, etc. 

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We provide a nice and safe atmosphere for senior citizens to congregate and socialize with their peers.  They engage in exercises and activities that are designed for mental and physical stimulation.  For interested seniors, we have a voluntary think tank for the ministry and community.  This provides them opportunities to glean from their history, experiences, knowledge, wisdom and share what can be done to continue building and fostering love and synergy in our disenfranchised communities at large. 

Senior Book Club

Drug & Alcohol Freedom

Drug addiction and alcoholism are some of the leading ills that contribute to destroying individuals and families in the community we serve.  KWCD has a comprehensive program that includes clergy, professionals and overcomers of these ills, to assist with liberating any individual who wants to obtain freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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Serving is What We Do

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